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iPad How To Bookmark A Website (Site)

Even with your iPad you want to get quick access to your favorite web pages when you want them.

There are a number of convenient features offered by the native web browser for the iPad (Safari) to allow you to access your favorite sites.  You can bookmark those sites and then access them via a list saving you from having to type out the full URL every time you want to view the site.

Add a Bookmark on Safari for your Ipad


"Add a bookmark to a webpage on Safari for your iPad with this simple tutorial! This gives you..."

How to Make a Website a Bookmark on the iPad

"The iPad’s generous screen is ideal for business owners who need to access the Web and check company email on the go. Safari, which is the default Web browser on the device, includes a bookmark system that allows you to save a URL for each site you visit. By creating bookmarks, you won’t have to remember a Web site address or take the time to enter it in the browser’s..." read more

Bookmark on iPad

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How to Bookmark a Webpage in iPad

"Safari is the native browser inbuilt in all Apple devices. In iPad safari stays as a default browser for opening webpages. Sometimes we visit some cool websites and we want to remember there domain id so that you can browse to it later. Writing down on something or put it on a text pad takes some time and sometimes we may forget them or...." read more

Bookmark a Website in iPad

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