How can i learn how to use my iPad.
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How Can I Learn How To Use My iPad The Right Way?

Are you frustrated trying to figure out how to use your new iPad?

And, you are Ready To Start Getting The Most Out of Your iPad?

Just want to know 'where can i go to learn how to use my iPad'.

Well, here is the best way we have found for you to learn how to use your iPad.

Learn How to use my iPad

These convenient video lessons fit your time table.

  • Learn at Your Own Pace - Pause, rewind, replay - just review it over and over until you get. Need a refresher later - just come back and view the video again whenever you need to.
  • iPad Manual for Seniors - Don't struggle with the official iPad Manual. Get these easy to follow iPad Video Lessons. Seniors love them.
  • Learn New Innovative Techniques - Discover all the many ways to be productive throughout your day with the many iPad tips and tricks that you will learn.
  • Available Round the Clock - Have a question in the middle of the night. No problem. Need a quick answer. No problem. Just jump online and watch the video about that feature.
  • Grow your iPad Skills - Become an expert. Start learning today.
  • Clear, Easy and Comprehensive iPad Training - These videos will guide you app-by-app and function by function through every last feature of your iPad in a straighforward and candid way.
  • Lifetime Access - Your lifetimeaccess to these video will keep you up to date with future changes and new lessons.

How do i learn my iPad

Watch Sample Video


  • iPad Video Lessons Module 1 - In this video you will learn all about your iPad.
  • iPad Video Lessons Module 2 - Get great web tips and tricks.
  • Video Lessons for iPad Module 3 - Learn to use e-mail on your iPad.
  • Video Lessons for iPad Module 4 - Enjoy reading on your iPad.
  • iPad Video Lessons Module 5 - Learn all about how to use downloaded apps on iPad.
  • iPad Video Lessons Module 6 - Find out how to listen to podcasts on your iPad. Also covers how to listen to music on your iPad.
  • Video Lessons for iPad Module 7 - Are you a photo buff? Learn to organzie your photos on your iPad.
  • Video Lessons for iPad Module 8 - Want to watch videos on your iPad? You can. Watch this lesson.
  • iPad Video Lessons Module 9 - Exploring Maps.
  • plus... Bonuses

iPad Lessons for Beginners, Kids, Seniors 

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