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Weight Loss Diet Plan for Obese Men, Women and Children That Works

If you are overweight you probably want to lose weight quickly and easily, without exercise, and in all the right places.

I Am Fat and I Know It

And, if you are so disgusted with the way you look and have finally reached the point that you want to do something about your fat you probably want to do it right NOW. You can't get in those pants that you were able to wear just yesterday and you now realize that your knees hurt, your ankles hurt and you can't get up and down off the sofa without pushing off and you are more than frustrated at this point in time.

Fat and Health Problems

You may also be having other health problems that are caused by your excess weight.  It is easy to say that obese people have higher risk for heart problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep disorders, hip, back and knee problems and more, but to actually feel the impact on your own body of those things is another story and certainly a wakeup call.

Maybe your stomach gurgles when you are lying down, maybe you have a touch of vertigo, maybe you can't focus like you once could, maybe you have problems with depression, maybe you are constipated, maybe your body aches so you can't sleep well at night.  It is the little signs that you need to pay attention to before you reach the point of full-fledged diabetes or actually having a heart attack.

I Can't Believe I Got So Fat
fat walrus

You can't believe that you let yourself get to this point.  You noticed that your clothes were getting tight and that you were having to buy a bigger size each time you shopped.  But, you said "Oh, those clothes makers are just not making sizes the same as they used too".

Friends or family members may have even told you that you were putting on weight and you just kind of ignored them.  They are not telling you anything that you don't already know but you would tell yourself that you just don't have time, energy or desire to do something about it right then.

You know, we find ourselves with not enough time in our day to take care of everything.  And sometimes taking care of ourselves always takes a backseat to everything else.  We take for granite that our bodies are going to keep serving our choice of lifestyle forever.

I Want To Lose Weight NOW

Well how about calming down and let's see what we can do to help you.

How Much Should I Weigh

If you have not been paying attention to your weight you may not have looked at a weight chart in a long time.  Here is one from disabled-world.com so you can check just how much overweight you really are.

weight loss chart
Don't think about just the pounds but also think about your overall health.  Can you easily bend over and pick up something.  Do you ache all the time?  Are you always tired? Are you constantly in the doctor's office for some problem?

In this day and time both men and women work at jobs outside the home.  These jobs bring pressures and frustrations.  You eat out at lunch and maybe even have dinner out with clients or friends.  You may even wolf down lunch at your desk.  You don't get the exercise that you once did.

If you have children then after work you have homework, baths and after school activities that chip away more hours out of your day.  You may also have the stress and time consumption of taking care of aging parents. 
Cooking at home takes time, even if you are having a simple home cooked meal.  Plus, you have to find time to be at home to eat it.  If you are going to eat healthy then you need time to actually plan a meal that will be healthy or someone else has to pre-plan those for you.

Where Do You Carry Your Weight?

fat abdomensDo you say I really need to lose weight in my stomach, my hips, my legs, my arms or my upper body.  Different places mean different things.

For instance those with big middles tend to have higher levels of the body's stress hormone, cortisol.  Too much of this hormone breaks down muscle and slows your metabolism.  This makes you the type person that stores fat in your belly.  To reduce your levels of cortisol and shrink your belly fat then you need to add more Vitamin C to your diet.  Add such foods as oranges and avocados to help with reducing inflammation and decreasing fat storage in your belly.

If your problem is in your hips then you need to decrease the amount of estrogen circulating around in your body.  Research has shown that increasing your calcium levels along with a low-fat diet will speed up your weight loss in your big bottom.  Try pairing up black beans and low-fat cottage cheese to reduce that big bottom.

To lose weight and tone up some parts of the body will not only require a change in your diet but also some exercise tailored for the specific part of the body where you need to lose more weight.

How Many Diets Have You Tried Before

Have you actually tried to lose weight in the past?  Maybe you actually lost some with one or even all of the plans that you tried but then you gained it back and then some.

Some of those crash diet plans that you tried might have even contributed to the health problems that you areweight loss tips now beginning to experience.  Have you tried the bread or soup diet?  Fasting and moderate calorie restriction can place a serious burden on your body's resources.

Those weight loss plans that promise losing 10 to 20 lbs. a week will damage you.  So, if you are serious about losing weight, keeping it off and also regaining your health then stay away from them.

Many diet plans not only don't add the vitamins and nutrients to your body that you need but they actually drain needed nutrients  from your body.

Just think about it.  If your current eating habits have yielded you a body that is tired, aching, flabby and just generally run down then the food that you have been putting into your body is not providing it what it needs to stay healthy.

So many of our quick meals and restaurant eating today is filled with preservatives and other ingredients that are making us fat by design.

Weight Loss Diets That Don't Work

  • Those that starve you and reduce your calorie intake so much that you lose weight but then you gain the weight right back after you start eating again. 
  • Those that have meal plans that take a long time to prepare.  With our busy life styles most people can't spend hours in the kitchen preparing each meal and therefore it is hard to stick to this type of diet.  Plus, they usually require special ingredients that you don't already have so that is an extra trip to the grocery or whole foods store to get what you need.  These type diets are entirely too time consuming to get started with and to stick too.
  • Diets that are Low Fat, Low Carb and/or Low Calorie.  These scream that your body is going to be deprived of good stuff that it needs.
  • A Yo-Yo Type Diet - these usually turn you into a grouchy, don't want to be around person.

Eating Plan to Lose Weight and Get Healthy

If you want to lose weight and keep it off then you need to have an eating plan of foods that provide you with the proper nutrition and also allow you to lose weight naturally.

That statement sounds too simple, doesn't it.  Well, a good healthy diet doesn't have to be complicated.  First, it has to be made up of foods that you like to eat.  There are lots of healthy foods available that will provide you the proper nutrients that your particular body needs and also allow you to lose weight and begin to feel good again.

Once you have established your eating plan you don't have to spend hours and hours constantly looking at how many calories this has or how many calories that has.

To help your body along with healing you may want to add some vitamin and mineral supplements for a while, like Vitamin C or Ginger Root.  Ginger Root is a powerful anti-inflammatory herb.  You will want to take a little time to study which vitamins and minerals address your particular's body's needs. For instance, if you are bothered with indigestion or gastrointestinal problems then you may want to add cinnamon to your daily diet intake.

The quicker you notice the benefits of your new eating plan the more likely you are to stick with it.

Healthy Foods To Eat

When you eat correctly your body returns to its natural size.  This will be the size that you should be.  In addition, everything gets better; your vision, your aches and pains, your breathing.  You sleep better and you have more energy.

This post has gotten rather long already so going into specific diet plans is way too much for now.  So for now let me just direct you to a diet plan that works - Banned Foods Diet. The meals offered in this plan are foods you are familiar with.  There is no time spent logging what you eat, no specialized equipment for hours of daily exercise and your body will return to its normal weight naturally.

You don't have to spend a lot of time laying out complicated meal plans.  Your day's eating plan with the right selection of healthy foods is laid out for you in a simple way.  You can even have some chocolate candy.
After following this diet you will see the other results with your health, as well as weight loss,  that we have been discussing.  Your bloating, gurgling stomach, gas.... will go away, along with the loss of weight that you will achieve.

Banned Food Diet EcoverFollow the link above and let the author tell you how much weight he has lost and some of the health benefits he has achieved.  I myself have lost 27 lbs. and can't begin to tell you how much better I feel.  Just being able to bend over and pick up things, to stand on a ladder, to walk and even jog some without getting winded, to curl my legs up under me when I sit on the sofa to watch TV are things that make me feel young again (current age 67).

Get started today.  I can tell you from experience you won't get to where you want to be overnight.  But, with each pound you feel  better and better and when you finally reach your goal you will feel so much better that you will never go back to your old eating habits again.


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